[FANCAFE/Trans] Mir is reminiscing

Title : Hello, Everyone

Hello, It’s Mir,,

All of you worried when I mentioned to stop everything by twitter today, did’t you?

I’m sorry,,

Before my dream of singer, I had a experience to tune the channel saying “What does that mean?” with a sniff,
when I was watching a singer’s interview saying “The singers are the hardiest on break, and it makes me give a lot of thought”,,

When I was a trainee, I had humble thinkings as “If I became a singer, I would not have this hard work and agony,,”,,

But, before our debut actually, JiHoonie(Rain)-hyung said us this advice “You would be happier during your trainee.
After your debut, it would really be so hard and need to think a lot because of one thing and another.
So, you must learn how to overcome those things for yourself,,”

After my debut, I totally agree with him,,

I become weak to myself endlessly, I don’t know why but the world go well except me, and I feel I’m left alone,,

By the way, all of singers have those thinking, but I yet haven’t learn how to overcome with a single shot,,

Even though I accessed the internet for getting consolation, I was rather growing weary, lost my confidence and had worse thinking
because I looked posts of one kind or another against my will.

So, I mentioned to stop everything for a while,,

Of course, I read a lot of opinions from fans who care and love me, but it seems that the man pays more attention to bad words,,

Therefore, I must practice harder than before, and I’ll do only my works hard without thinking something or other,,

I always thought “Because my rap’s improvement, many people will recognize it. I did my best.”

But it was really my big mistake,,

I realize that I was nothing indeed after I listened my old albums and monitored past broadcastings,,

I feel it, so how do people who watching MBLAQ, think about me?,,

Until now, I misunderstood that MBLAQ couldn’t make good results beyond expectation because of other people,,

But, after serious consideration, I think that I didn’t show myself presentable enough to blame others.

During the monitoring, I saw many posts about reasons which MBLAQ wasn’t more popular, so, I truly mistook it for those reasons,,

But, it did not,, Of course, there were some troubles and many errors, but the most important thing was how well I did for myself,,

So, I think I’ll work as hell harder than my past efforts because this album will be important,,

Please don’t worry about me,, After working harder and being presentable, I’ll appear around you confidently with smile face,,^^

Please cheer us and look forward to MBLAQ a lot,,^^

Qwert @ ABM wants to share something too.
Part of Rain’s interview before enlistment at a today’s news

(…) 자신이 프로듀서를 하고, 그의 부재 시 소속사를 대신 책임질 후배 그룹 엠블랙에 대해서도 많은 이야기를 남겼다.
그는 “실력있는 친구들이어서 생각보다 크게 걱정을 하진 않는다”며
“열정이 변하지 않았으면 하고, 회사 식구들과 무대를 한없이 즐겼으면 한다”고 바랐다.

(…) Rain left many messages about MBLAQ, who he produced and will have responsibility for company during his absence. He hoped that “All of members have their abilities, so I don’t worry about them so much.” and “I hope they will not change their passions, and enjoy their stages with company’s staffs without limit.”

ABM Blog post by msshady @ AbsoluteMBLAQ