[Cafe/Trans] Boyfriend Donghyun greets in Thai

Boyfriend has returned to Korea after volunteering in Thailand for flood victims. Looks like the boys had fun in there.

Even leader Donghyun learned some Thai languages.
He posted in their fancafe,

Sawasdee kub! Thailand~~ Kob Khun Kub (T/N: Sawasdeekub is Hello in thai, Kob Khun Kub is thank you in Thai) We boyfriend, has finished all our activities and safely returned to Korea. We really thank all the fans who came to send us off at the airport. The flooding seemed a lot more critical than I had thought, and our heart aches a lot. I hope what we did helped you guys a little bit at least. The first time to Thailand, and i've already fallen for the Thai dish cuisine called "Phad Thai" (T/N: Thai fried noodles) On the last day which was the day of the performance, a lot of fans have come and given us a lot of support. They even sang along to our song, I feel very touched. Thank you for all the prayers that were sent to us from fellow Bestfrieds, we finally returned safely. But just by going overseas, i've already missed my Korean fans. I feel bad not being able to attend the music shows and broadcasts but!! Let's meet at the visual broadcasting radio Young Street as well as Starry Night. We'll use our charming voice to successfully complete these shows~ Hahaha Also, there will be a fansign even this weekend~ please look forward to it.

Credit: Boyfriend Daum Cafe