[Cafe] 111023 Supernova Kwangsoo message to Spland - Possible Korean Comeback, Official Korean Fanclub



A fanmeeting after so long…………

More people than I expected came…

I was surprised… And I was happy.

It was short but well spent time..To think that it was an hour and a half..

Everyone..how.. I didn’t know it would be such a good time..

It’s been such a long time that you have been neglected….

Really… our fans who have remained until the end… Today I saw you one by one…..

From now on, I will never forget your faces, I decided this….


From the nicknames I see in Spland a lot…

To those fans I’m not very familar with..

I think there’s nothing I can do but have an extremely thankful heart….

Actually..right now there are still many fans waiting outside our office

Hurry and go back home safely!! kekekeke

Before the public transport stops running..

Especially.. there were a lot of fans that came from far cities and districts..

You came a long way..

Go back well too…

What I said earlier..

Around february-march… the album is planned to come out..

It would be good if it really did come out, right..??

We will do our best to keep that promise..

And also..the members are preparing individual activities too..

So I think aside from the album, there will be many different sides of us showing in the future…

So please… just hang on.. and wait a little bit!! Okay??

Always sorrowful and thankful… our 6 members..

Yunhak hyung is leaving for 2 years..

The 5 of us will work even harder..

I hope you all believe in us and follow us..

And also next year… Let’s make our official fanclub, really!!

I will insist about it with our president…

So if you guys see him..

Pressure him ! Okay??

Today.. Really.. More than anything..Warm time..Warm heart..

I will treasure it and be even better from now on!!

Everyone, I love you…



source: Supernova Fancafe Spland
Translation: andie_x @ starlight

Original Message


너무나도 오랜만에 가진..팬미팅…………

생각했던거 이상으로 와주셔서..

놀랍기도 하고..기쁘기도 했던..

짧ㅈㅣ만 알찬..1시간반이었다는..생각이드는데..

다들..어떻게.. 좋은시간이 될수있었는지.. 모르겠네요..

긴시간의 공백에도 불구하고..

정말..끝까지 남아준.. 우리팬들의 오늘 얼굴 하나하나는..

앞으로도 절대로 잊지 않을 거라는 다짐을 했습니다..


스플랜드에서 많이 봤던..닉네임부터..

조금은.. 생소한..팬분들까지..

너무나도감사한마음밖엔.. 없는거 같아요..

사실..아직도 지금 사무실앞에서 기다리고 있는 분들이..많이 계신데..

빨리.. 조심해서 돌아가세요!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


특히.. 지방 멀리서부터 와주신분들도 너무 많았고..

먼길 수고 많으셨습니다..

다시 돌아가는길도 수고하시고..

아까도 말한듯이..

내년엔..2~3월경에.. 앨범이 나올예정인데..


꼭 지킬수있도록..노력할테니까..

그리고 멤버 각자 여러 개인활동 준비중이라서..

앞으로 앨범이외에도 더 새로운 많은 모습들을 보여줄수 있을거란 생각이 듭니다..

그니깐.. 조금만..참고..기다려주기!! 오케이??

늘..미안한마음과 고마운마음으로 가득차있는.. 우리 여섯명..

윤학이형이 가고나서 2년..

5명이서..더열심히 이끌어 갈꺼니까..

다들.. 믿고 따라와줬으면 좋겠고..

그리고 내년엔.. 우리 공식팬클럽 만듭시다 정말로!!

사장님한테 적극적으로 이야기할테니까..

다들…. 사장님뵈면..

적극적으로 푸쉬푸쉬!! 오케이?????????????

오늘.. 정말.. 그어떤것보다 따뜻한 시간..따뜻한 마음..

간직하고 더욱 더 앞으로 달려나가겠습니다!!




*Supernova debuted on September 2007, they still don't have official fanclub for Korean fans. They already have official fanclub for Japanese fans, "Milkyway"*