B2ST's Yoseob warns his poser

B2ST’s Yang Yoseob personally warned a poser who is falsely claiming to be him.

On October 24th, he tweeted, “There are a lot of people who are asking if I wrote something on a community board but I didn’t write anything other than on Twitter. Who’s claiming to be me! You’re in trouble if I catch you. Everyone have a good night”.

Recently there were posts by someone claiming to Yang Yoseob giving out advise to fans and there were debates as to whether they were from the real Yang Yoseob. Yang Yoseob clarified personally through his Twitter account revealing that it was not Yang Yoseob in fact and sending out a message of warning to the ‘fake Yang Yoseob’ at the same time.

Netizens commented, “I’m going to catch the fake Yang Yoseob”, “Don’t know who you are but you shouldn’t pretend to be an entertainer when you are not”, and “I guess whoever it is really has nothing better to do”.

Source: Nate
Translation: kpopfever