[Video] WGM Khuntoria Episode 64, The Finale English Sub!

It's been very hard for fans of Khuntoria to let go of their favorite We Got Married couple. WGM announced that the couple will be leaving the show and the last episode was aired last September 17.

Khuntoria couple, Nichkhun of 2pm and Victoria of f(x), had been together for 1 year and 3 months and for that long range of time, it is very hard to for them to let go of each other. To end their last day of marriage, Nichkhun prepared a video message for his wife and also asked Amber, Sulli, Luna and Yong Dae to be with them for the last day. Though the others didn't know that was already the end of their happily virtual married life they still celebrated it happily.

To spend their last hours together, the couple went back to the place where they first met, at 63 Building and here are the subbed videos for the last moments of Khuntoria.

Warning: Prepare your tissues for those who are gonna cry! =)

If you guys want to watch Nichkhun and Victoria again playing around and showing their ultimate sweetness on We Got Married, check out IAMHOTWALKERZ by Cik Sara. She also provide download links so be sure to thank her~!

As a big fan of the couple, thank you for the 456 days of sweetness, of so much aegyo and wonderful relationship you guys have shown to us your fans!


Written by:sukira@dkpopnews.net