[Twitter] Siwon and Yunho in coast guard's uniforms for Poseidon

Super Junior Siwon tweeted a photo of him together with TVXQ Yunho who did a cameo for Poseidon.

Siwon tweeted,

"@siwon407: Yunho played the role of ‘Kang Eunchul’ this time. A day in Japan, another day in America, now matter how busy or tired he got after his parts were filmed, he’d shout ‘Director, one more time!’. He’s a seonbae hyung filled with passionate. I wanna give Yunho a big round of applause. You’ve worked hard! http://yfrog.com/kjdl1pmj"

In the picture they are seen wearing coast guard uniforms for Poseidon and both are making "thumbs up" sign.

Source: siwon twitter
Translated by @sujutr4ns