[PICTURE] New group B1A4 creates a stir with their teaser pictorials!

The new group B1A4 created a stir by releasing their teaser pictorial.

The jacket pictorial of member Jin Young was revealed on their official website (www.b1a4.com).

Jin Young is creating a peculiar atmosphere with his intensive glare, sitting on a red sofa.

His see-through clothes and extraordinary accessories attracted attention and aroused curiosity of their new music style.

B1A4 was a hot issue with their powerful singing and performance of the first mini album, “O.K”.

A representative of their music agency WM Entertainment says, “We are planning to reveal the rest of the teaser pictorials starting with Jin Young. With this new album, we’re going to imprint B1A4’s uniqueness with music and performance. You’ll be able to see each member’s attraction clearly in the album.”

B1A4 will start their activity with the release of their second album on the 16th.

Source: JTN News

Credit : Korea.com