[NEWS] YGEX Announces 「NOLZA WITH EVERYONE」YouTube and Twitter Plan!

The excitement is building everyday!! YGEX has just announced, via 2NE1's Mail Mag, a wonderful plan that everyone can join. Let's all work together and make 2NE1's Japanese debut AMAZING!!!

2NE1 Mail Magazine   9/17

2NE1's Japan debut is getting near, we would like to celebrate this memorable Japan Debut day with every one of the fans.

So this time we would like to gather congratulation messages from everyone♪

Everyone, let's send our feelings with the message 'Congratulations!'☆


On September 21st, we are finally celebrating the waited 2NE1's Japan Debut!!

For everyone of the fans to celebrate 2NE1's Japan debut with the members who have waited for this day, we have launched this kind of plan for everyone to participate!! It's titled, "NOLZA WITH EVERYONE"!!

Won't you send your feelings to 2NE1, "CONGRATS ON YOUR JAPAN DEBUT!!" via YouTube or Twitter??

Here is how to participate☆

1) Upload a congratulation video message on youtube with the title, CONGRATS 2NE1 JAPAN DEBUT.☆

2) Tweet a congratulation message on twitter with the hashtag ♯CONGRATS_2NE1 .☆ -- tweet beginning 12AM on September 21st

The messages that we'll recieve from everyone, will be checked directly on the spot by the 2NE1 members who'll go to their Japan Debut party somewhere in Tokyo on the 21st(thursday)!!

By some chance, the members might leave some replies and comments on the uploaded messages?!

Both members and staff are looking forward for the wonderful congratulation messages from everyone!!



This is something everyone can participate in, so a go go go!!!

Source: 2NE1's Mail Mag
Translated by xgdara @ygladies.com