[News] U-Kiss' Dong Ho and Hoon cast for movie "Holy Land"

U-Kiss members DongHo and Hoon selected as cast for movie "Holy Land"

The management reported,"Hoon and DongHo have been cast for "Holy Land" and will begin shooting on November. This is the 4th drama for DongHo this year."

The drama "Holy Land" is a cable movie on OCN. It will going to have 4 episode series that is all about gangs in high school life which is directed by Park Ki-Hyung. DongHo already appeared six dramas and movies such as "Royal Family", My Black Mini Dress", Villain and Widow", "Mr. Idol", "Don't Cry Mommy" and the like.

As the youngest (U-Kiss), he got more pressure as a member but got positive reviews from his acting performance.

His management also stated,"Dong Ho started his career as a supporting actor in dramas like "Royal Family" and "My Black Mini Dress"but he is the main lead in "Don't Cry Mommy" and "Holy Land", and continues showing improvement. He and Hoon are doing well in "Never Land" promotions, which released in the beginning of September and ranks in the top three sales.


Rough translations by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net