[NEWS] U-ie is….Homeless?

U-ie has unexpectedly transformed herself into a homeless girl on KBS ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘.

On this week’s 11th episode of ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, viewers will be able to watch U-ie living out the ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ lifestyle on a farm courtyard. [...] Previews have revealed the idol eating and sleeping inside a pitched tent. U-ie shot a scene which required her to boil ramen while wearing shabby training clothes and sleep in a sleeping bag under the tent.

There was also a funny incident during the set when director, Kim Min Soo shouted, “OK!” before U-ie could finish her ramen. The production team burst into laughter when U-ie protested, “But it’s so delicious…”

On the other hand, U-ie has been improving her acting skills by playing as the lead actress in ‘Ojakgyo Borthers’ and tvN’s ‘Birdy Birdy‘.

Shared by: TailedFox@as-afterparty