[News] Super Junior Kim Hee-Chul, He finds himself grown while training at KATC!

Super Junior Kim Hee-Chul finally completed basic trainings at KATC. Since last September 1, many photos and video clips of him training at KATC are released to the public, and they caught fans' attention. In the final interview, Kim Hee-Chul looked back memorable days and said, "I was worried alot about training at KATC because of my injured knee, but I enjoyed training with other recruits." Also, "many fans worried about me being skinnier, but I actually gained 3 kg because of having a regular schedule and life pattern!"

Kim He-Chul was being asked about his future plan. He said, "honestly, it was tough to leave everything behind, and joined army. However, I don't think that anymore. Time isn't something just fly by, time is something to be filled up. I plan to develop myself to be better, and I want to say 'thank you' to everyone who gave me so much love."

Source: KATC blog