[News] SNSD selected as most memorable game advertisement models

Netizen picked SNSD as the most memorable game advertisement models over other entertainers.

Game site, ‘dcgame.in’ conducted a survey entitled, ‘Among game advertisement models, who is the most memorable entertainer?’ from August 29th to September 5th.

SNSD topped the survey, garnering 2807 votes (67.9%) from the total of 4,136 votes. In 2008, SNSD became the promotional model for MMORPG ‘Mabinogi’ where the girls received a lot of good comments on how they blended well with the game’s cute characters.

Tiffany was featured as a cute Mabinogi-like character in the music video with fantasy background based on the game itself and the music video received lots of love from fans.

Rain, who modeled for ‘Sudden Attack’, took the 2nd spot with 340 votes (8.2%) followed by IU in 4th with 168 votes (4.1%), who was recently selected as the TVCF model for ‘Horse and My Story, Alicia’.

Also listed in the survey are singer-cum-actress Jang NaRa (Fortress), actress Aoi Sora (Dragona), 2NE1 (Sudden Attack), f(x) (Freestyle Basketball), etc.

Credit: wstarnews.com

Translated by fanwonder.com