[News] Sistar victorious at the 4x100m relay

Group Sistar wins the 4x100m relay at the ‘2011 Idol Track and Field Competition‘.

Members of Sistar were the clear favorites to win the 4x100m relay at the ‘Idol Track & Field Competition’ held on 13th and they did not disappoint. They took home the gold medal for the event with the best record.

Earlier in the day Bora lost the 100m sprint competition to Nine Muses’ Eunji. They were once again pitted against one another in the 4x100m competition as the last runners and after going neck and neck to the finish line, Bora beat out Eunji for a sweet redemption.

Image: MBC ’2011 Idol Track and Field’
Source: MT Star News via Naver

Translated by kpopfever.com