[NEWS] Schedule for After School, Orange Caramel and ‘ASB’- Playgirlz get Ready!

*Fairy Goddess Lizzy making PlayGirlz Wishes come true*
Orange Caramel September schedule:

13th – Korea chuseok festival OC + AS (tbc)
21th – Korea culture and tourism festival in Shanghai
24th – 13th Industrial Gunsan plant festival (tbc)

****The rumor festival is below****

SEPT – broadcast small teaser with new OC material at one of the upcoming participating festivals

SEPT/OCT -OC new album. Kahi and AS promote together with AS boys. AS boys to reveal of their new group name. Son Dambi will release a new album

NOV – AS boys debut - 7 or 8 members

DEC – happy pledis II will be launched + announcement of new AS member/s

JAN – Raina – solo project

FEB – E-young focused/centered project

MAR – AS comeback single before olympics

JUNE – Playgirlz School season 2

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