[NEWS] Rania to Work With Brave Brothers for Comeback

Even though RaNia‘s former producer Teddy Riley has jumped ship over to SM Entertainment to produce SNSD’s new single, the girls have dusted themselves off and moved onto greener pastures, and are now working with A-List K-Pop hitmaker Brave Brothers on their upcoming comeback single. RaNia have been hinting at working with a famous mystery producer for the past few months, but the cat was fully let out of the bag this week when one of the producers at the BraveSound studios tweeted that the girls were there recording.

Brave Brothers often receives a lot of flack for his cheap-yet-addictive brand of dance-pop, but his sound and style is a perfect fit for RaNia. Unlike a lot of other K-Pop producers, Brave Brothers doesn’t really work with cutsie, aegyo idols, and is more geared towards edgier artists like SISTAR, After School, U-Kiss, BIGBANG, and his own girl group, Brave Girls. He’s also on a high right now after recently landing a No. 1 hit on the GAON charts with SISTAR’s “SO COOL”, which has further helped to raise his profile as one of the top producers in K-Pop.

There’s no release date for RaNia’s new music yet, but back in July they said it would be another single album, so expect them to return with about 2-3 new songs when they eventually do come back.

RaNia’s K-Pop debut may have gone up in flames after “Dr. Feel Good” flopped and Teddy Riley split with the group, but the girls have actually done a lot better than many other rookie groups this year. They learned English to try and crack the States, and while their US debut never materialized, their bilingual language skills have allowed them to promote all over Asia, with successful showcases and performances in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, with more countries in the pipeline.

Not only are RaNia one of the sexiest girl groups out, but they’re one of the most talented in singing and dancing, so we definitely haven’t seen the last of them yet. Let’s just hope that Brave Brothers actually gives them a killer single, rather than that leftover Danity Kane B-Side Teddy Riley lumped them with for their debut!

Source: 8raniagirls via theprophetblog (the second source links to the original artical)

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