[News] Rain , "No press conference"

Singer and actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon, 29) explained how he felt about joining the army.

J Tune Entertainment said, "Rain will be joining the army as an active-duty soldier but the dates aren't exact".

Rain will be admitted into the army but which armed forces he will be in hasn't been decided, so he was to hold a press conference before his Seoul concert on September 24th, but this isn't confirmed either.

He posted on his Twitter, "Joining the army is nothing to show off about. As soon as the dates are clear I will post a message. Also, it's not a press conference I'm holding for the sake of my national service but to present my one last major project before I join the army".

Netizen's say, "You're so cool, I will wait 2 years", "I am looking forward to your concert", "Spend the remaining time with us", "I will write to you" and more.

Meanwhile, Rain is currently busy tidying up the movie "Flight: Close to the Sun" and is planning on releasing a new album before he joins the military. He is holding one last final concert on the 24th of September in Seoul Olympic Park.

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Translated by Hancinema.net