[NEWS] "Mister Children" from the movie Mr. Idol is like Big Bang?

To promote the movie, Mr. Idol, starring Ji Hyun Woo and Jay Park, a survey was recently conducted asking netizens: "Which idol group should be nervous if 'Mister Children' (the fictional idol group in the movie) debuts in real life?"

In the survey, BIGBANG ranked first. According to the voters, BIGBANG is very much like "Mister Children" because members of both groups write their own lyrics and music and can perform songs in various genres. Mister Children's leader, Eu Jin (played by Ji Hyun Woo) is also being compared to Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon.

Aside from Eu Jin, dancer Zio (played by Jay Park), vocal Hyun Ee (played by Jang Su Won) and rapper Rickey are attracting attention as well.

“Mr. Idol” will hit theaters in October!

Source: Osen
Translation from dkrogers@en.korea.com