[NEWS] Lizzy tears on All My Love

The September 8th edition of MBC’s sitcom ‘All My Love” was quite a hilarious episode.

Park Mi Sun (who plays Jo Kwon’s mom) is pregnant, so in order to relieve her of any stress, the Jo Kwon and Lizzy couple decide to temporarily break up until she gives birth. [...]

After Jo Kwon (Ok Yup) and Lizzy (Soonduk) break up, Jo Kwon returns home and in a sad tone, tells his mom, “Mom because of you Soonduk and I decided to break up. Its been 15minutes and 17 seconds since we broke up“, bringing laughter to the viewers.

Later, Jo Kwon decides he must call Lizzy in order to hear her voice and he does while shedding lots of tears.

Watch their hilarious yet heart warming segment below:
Check the video here!
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