[News] Leeteuk's elder sister, Park Inyoung to be Boom's Youngstreet's fixed guest

Park In-young, known as rookie-actress also Leeteuk's older sister, will be a fixed-guest for a radio program. She will be a fixed-guest on SBS Power FM Boom's Youngstreet every Monday for 'Boom's Heart''s corner. 'Boom's Heart' is a corner dedicated to the listener where they could freely tell a story about them or what they feel. Upon this good news, Park In-young said, "With this way, I could communicate with the listener's closer and more comfortable. I'm always attracted to radio broadcast so I feel happy with this opportunity and couldn't wait for my first broadcast. Being on the screen and on the radio will have different feeling, but I think I'd be able to do both." Through SBS Strong Heart, Park Inyoung received attention for her sense as an entertainer. Currently, she is a reporter for SBS and EBS English Program. c r e d i t s ; Source: sports.khan.co.kr
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