[News] Kim KyuJong “Extraordinary Female Make-Up Photo, Hoping to be Pretty but Simply Transvestite”

Last of SS501 to make a solo debut, Kim KyuJong’s teaser photo had various ‘extraordinary’ points. Heavy make-ups, pearl necklace, female clothing with white hairstyle... immediately after it was being released, there was a heated attention among music fans as well as in various online communities. There are different types of reactions, from curiosity regarding his new attempt, to negative responses.

Kim KyuJong said honestly, “Even though it would be great to hear many nice words about it but getting away from that, I thought that I should do something that I have never done before. And it attracted many people’s attention on it.” He added “Because I won’t be showing that in my performance, so I just wanted to be showing this image.”

He said he is thankful even for those negative responses. He said, “Even then, I think they will say ‘What’s this?’ when they see the photo. Besides cursing over the photo, I am thankful simply that they found and saw the photo. Because it would seem like the traits in my performance, so it is good since it will create attention for it.”

Kim KyuJong’s dressing as woman hides 2 meanings. First is, the wholly white make-up signifies that even though there are diverse colors on the inside, he will break off from all of them and will show his own set of color in his performance.

Kim KyuJong explained, “The 2nd meaning is that while putting on make-up and filming, I thought that the title song is just too sad. It is not that I like a person similar to me. You will become similar with any person you like. Breaking up with the girlfriend, you will think that you can find the image of your girlfriend in your own face. So I put the make-up just like how the girlfriend would. If you look at the album jacket photo, you can also see photos of removing the make-up.”

Kim KyuJong said after explaining the hidden meaning, “I thought that it is really difficult being a female.” He continued “It is difficult to put on fake eyelashes. ‘How can you go out wearing this? It is tough to look beautiful’, these thoughts came to me. For guys, we just wear whatever will do. Females create beauty from small little things, which is tough. It’s just so difficult be it by just not moving, or putting on the fake eye lashes.”

He added “Frankly speaking, I was embarrassed initially but finds it fresh and original while taking the photos. I felt ‘There’s also such a side of me’, ‘When should I try this’. But I wasn’t pretty. I took the photo hoping that I will come out like a pretty lady but I came out just like a transvestite.” And laughed. He continued “Well that’s too bad. I was thinking if I should have put on a wig, but I don’t think it will work.”

Throughout the interview, we can feel Kim KyuJong enjoying the preparations for his solo album and various new challenges he has. “I have not gone into active promotion activities yet so I am not sure, but it was fun but tiring to be making it alone. I have tried various things and also talked a lot about my personal stuffs, it is making me excited. In the past, members share their opinions and fine-tuned it, but now there was too much because there is no one who gives control over it, however the song came out which I am personally satisfied with.”

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will start his active promotion activities in music shows broadcasts starting from Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on 29-Sep. Title song ‘YESTERDAY’ comprises of unique raging deep sensitivity in its second half of the song, attracting anticipation by showing the colors of Kim KyuJong.
Credits : oing@ NEWSEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com