[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong Tweets to Convey Honest Feelings on “Pierrot”; Song Passed MBC and SBS

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has conveyed his honest feelings towards the decision by KBS that his song is unfit to air.

On the 28th, KBS laid down the decision that the song Pierrot, included in JYJ’s new album, was unfit to air because the results of its deliberations found the lyrics to be inappropriate.

At such a decision, on the 28th Kim Jaejoong revealed his somewhat uncomfortable feelings: ““You are free to imagine as you will—since you are a human. I am curious as to what sort of a human imagined as such, what kind of a picture will be formed. Boss fighting, Album fighting.”

Continuing, on the 29th, he also revealed his unhappiness with the decision: I have not been able to sleep for 33 hours now and so I do not have my wits about me… but in the middle of this, I am curious about one thing.. Just who created, imagined, the p in President..? The things that follow also..;;”

One affiliate of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment told MyDaily on the 29th: “KBS has never asked what the term p.s.m. in the lyrics mean. We actually want to ask KBS back—exactly what kind of evidence do they have to bring up the name of a real person and to decide that there was a personal attack.”

Continuing, the affiliate expressed incredulity at KBS: “If you interpret the lyrics in this manner, then all of the variety of newly-formed words, metaphors, and abbreviations become arbitrary—if you put it on your nose, it becomes a nose-ring, if you put it in your ears, an earring. Even if the writer of the lyrics write something with no particular thought, if you interpret the lyrics as KBS did, then you are making an interpretation that is subjective and arbitrary.”

Further, this affiliate revealed: “From the deliberations of both SBS and MBC, Pierrot received the decision that it was fit to air.”

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Source: Compiled from Everyday Economy and My Daily

Translation Credit: JYJ3