[News] Kim Heechul placed first in the firearms training

“Suju Kim Heechul has become an important figure at his training camp, a first look of his imposing look revealed.”

Images of idol group Super Junior’s Kim Heechul at Chungnam’s Nonsan Training Camp after he enlisted on September 1st have been revealed.

Through the training camp’s blog, current pictures of Kim Heechul which were taken on the third of September were able to be seen.

Someone present at the training facility said, “Not only is it because Kim Heechul enrolled at a later age than his fellow trainees or because of his short buzz cut hair, but he has been enduring his training in a very dashing manner and he has been living up to his ‘Space Big Star’ nickname.”

Kim Heechul has placed first in the firearms training, and showed his confidence when he said the following on how he feels about his enlistment, “It’s still really unfamiliar, but I heard a lot about how training is from Kangin so I can do well.”

After Kim Heechul completes his four weeks of training, he will enter into the public service personnel sector where he will serve for 23 months.

In the first picture, Kim Heechul is in his training uniform and helmet, and is holding his gun listening with a sincere expression, while he is standing with his fellow trainees with his hand raised in a salute in the second.

These pictures which were posted on the training camp’s blog along with the quotes “Despite his short buzz cut hair, he is still living up to his nickname Space Big Star,” and “He placed first in the firearms training,” have been stirring up strong responses from his fans.

Netizens who saw the pictures wrote “I was curious about his present state so thank you for posting these pictures” and “He still shines even in the training uniform” to express their happiness at seeing him.

credit: Newsen :::: via: @soluna413

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