[News] Kim Heechul becomes a man at an army recruiting center, “He has such a small face”

On the 6th, Kim Heechul uploaded a picture of himself at an army recruiting center in Nonsan, Chungnam where he is holding his fist up in the air.

In the picture, Kim is showing off his charms as a man. His new look is striking since it’s different than his usual looks.

Netizens commented: You look so manly now.” “Your face is so small.” “It’s good to know that you’re doing well.” “Short hair suits you well.”

Kim entered the army recruiting center on the 1st, and will begin working as a public service worker after four weeks of training.

Source: TvReport from Nate, ilnungcha
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Note: Im not sure if the reporters got it right in the 1st paragraph. "
Kim Heechul uploaded a picture of himself". The picture was posted in an online community board.