[News] Khuntoria comes to an end, trip to Maldives was a farewell journey

On We Got Married, Nickhun and Victoria couple came back from a farewell journey.

In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married, which aired on the 10th, Nickhun and Victoria enjoyed the last day of their travel in Maldives.

They played ‘throw your shoe’ game on an island, and even went snorkeling. Not only that, they also had a surprise wedding shoot that Victoria had always wanted. They hired a local photographer, but ended up taking pictures themselves because they got tired of the fast pace of the photographer.

Nickhun and Victoria revealed respectively, “I’m so glad that I came to such a beautiful place with Nickhun. From now on, when I see a bartender, sailing, and Maldives, they will remind me of Nickhun.” “When I think of Maldives, it reminds me of Victoria.”

But this wonderful journey was a farewell journey.

When they arrived to Korea, they each received a CD. The CD held all the memories from their first meeting to the trip to Maldives.

In the last scene of the video, the phrase “Nickhun and Victoria’s marriage will end on August 31 at 00:00.” popped up, and made Nickhun and Victoria shed tears.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Korea.com