[NEWS] K-pop stars at F1 leave fans high and wanting more

You gotta hand it to the Korean boys — they sure know how to work a crowd.

Three out of five members of the massively popular boy band Big Bang — G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri — drove fans wild with their polished dance moves and infectious tracks at the Padang main stage on Friday night for the 2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.

We're not just talking about two or three all-too-passionate fan girls here, but thousands of them, including many teen boys, too.

Most fans were stationed at their "posts" right in front of the stage as early as 7pm, when the gates to the exclusive Fan Zone were opened. (A reminder to those who don't want to miss the chance to watch the upcoming concerts at the Padang up-close, be sure to collect your wristbands at stage front as they're limited to 2,000 fans per day from 3pm on a first-come-first-served basis.)

For a brief ten minutes after the scheduled start of the performance — possibly what could have felt like eternity to many — fans were treated to a DJ-set of creative mashups from some of K-pop's greatest hits.

Seungri, 20, kicked off the night with his latest EP "VVIP".

Seungri, 20, kicks off the night with his latest EP "VVIP". (Yahoo! photo)
Clad in a clean black suit complete with a skinny tie, Seungri delivered two more songs — "What Can I Do" and "Strong Baby" — to a smitten crowd before passing the stage on to his team mates.
And boy did the dangerous duo take the stage by storm.

Better known as GD&TOP, the talented 23-year-olds easily brought the house down with their trademark upbeat songs "Knock Out" and "Oh Yeah".

Fans scream themselves hoarse in response to their favourite songs by GD&TOP. (Yahoo! photo)
Shouted G-Dragon to a crowd that looked like it was running on some kind of potent energy drink, "Thank you for inviting us here. We love F1, we love this city, we love you all!"

"So, we're gonna make you crazy tonight. So please show me your love okay?"

At many points, the Fan Zone at the Padang could almost be likened to a club perpetually pumped with fans screaming themselves hoarse in response to their favourite songs, most, if not all, of which they could sing and even dance along to.

"High High" was another crowd favourite, as the boys danced their way deeper into their fans' hearts.

Following screams for an encore after the duo thanked the crowd and left, the three K-pop artistes reappeared on stage, much to fans' delight.

Ever the fashionista, GD replaces his robe with a towel for a second appearance on stage. (Yahoo! photo)
The trio ended the night with "How Gee," which saw GD throwing a towel earlier wrapped around his neck to one lucky fan.

"It's awesome; they're so handsome. Oppa, sarang hae! (Brother, I love you!)," screamed a group of seven girls after the concert ended. With the youngest aged 19 and the oldest, 34, the animated fans told Yahoo! Singapore that they had flown to Singapore from Indonesia just to catch their favourite boys live in action.

Said another fan, Noraini Siti, a marketing executive, "They're just really hot and sexy, as compared to the other Korean boy bands."

Added her friend, "They wasted time on the starting part — the DJ part — I don't think it's important… They (the boys) could have performed more rather than (the DJ) playing all those songs, remixes and all."

The 25-year-old and her friends, who came down especially for the one-night-only showcase, added that the race was more of "a bonus".

Source: Yahoo Singapore