[News] JYJ’s Park Yoochun Buys A Luxurious Villa In Hannam-Dong With A 30 Pyeong Private Garden

JYJ’s Park Yoochun has become a resident of the UN Village in Hannam-dong, which is quickly becoming the representative home address of many Korean celebrities.

Bought by Park Yoochun in February, Villa A of the UN Village is a large and luxurious villa of 100 pyeong (330㎡) with a great view of the Han River and features a private garden as well.

It has been confirmed that Park Yoochun bought the villa for a price between 2.5 and 3 billion Won. Park Yoochun was able to purchase the villa with money he earned from his activities as a member of JYJ, which included the group’s world tour, and has been putting off moving in, spending hundreds of millions of Won on the interior design of the house. It has been found that Park Yoochun put in a lot of time and effort to decorate his private garden of 30 pyeong (100㎡).

Kang Byung Seok of the Maekyung Real Estate Center stated, “Not only does Park Yoochun’s new villa have a great view of the Han River, but it also has an exclusive environment and a strict access system that is perfect for celebrities,” and “Jung Jun Ho and Goo Joon Yeop live nearby Park Yoochun’s villa.”

JYJ’s other member Kim Jaejoong also became a hot topic when it was found that he purchased the penthouse of an apartment in Samsung-dong a month ago that sold for a price of 3 billion Won. The penthouse is one of the most luxurious residences available with a terrace and 90 pyeong (297.5㎡) of living space and has allowed Kim Jaejoong to become neighbors with Kim Junsu, the third member of JYJ, who had moved in a month earlier.

Source: [mk daily]

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