[NEWS] Junsu and FC MEN to Hold Open Soccer Match on 10th, Interest Gathering

FC MEN, consisting of JYJ’s Kim Junsu, B2ST’s Yun Duzun, entertainer Seo Jiseok and such, will hold a novel soccer match for the upcoming Thanksgiving.

The Suwon Blue Wings have prepared many “Thanksgiving Big Party” events for the “Hyundae Oil Bank K-League 2011,” the 24-round matches with Sungnam, to be held on the coming 10th in the Suwon World Cup Field. One of these events is the Opening Match, which will be held by the FC MEN.

On this day, FC MEN Soccer Team which is the 5th team of the SuwonBlue Wings will hold a soccer match with the Suwon FMC Women’s Soccer Team. In April also, FC MEN has won 5:0 against a girls soccer team of Incheon Design High School thanks to JYJ’s Kim Junsu’s feats of head tricks. Therefore, what kind of a result will be had for this Thanksgiving Big Party match is gathering the interest of many fans.

The opening match of FC MEN will take place on the 10th, starting 4pm. After the main match of Suwon Blue Wings and Sungnam, signed ball by FC MEN and prized possessions will be distributed as giveaways to the audience.

Source: MyDaily
Translation Credit: JYJ3