[NEWS] Hangeng Drops his Lawsuit Against SM!

The contract lawsuit between a former Chinese member of Super Junior Hangeng and his former management company SM Entertainment came to an end.

According to Seoul High Court 19th Civil Department on September 25, Hangeng's attorney Jipyong & Jisung submitted a request for dismissal for his suit of confirmation of effectiveness of exclusive contract.

Hangeng's party alleged that he was handling an overwhelming schedule which included numerous concerts overseas, so much so that he did not take a break during the two years. The party also alleged that Hangeng must continue his unreasonable schedule due to various penalties in the contract.

The party added that SM was in a dominant position when the contract was formed and emphasized that the contract is unfair because it binds Hangeng to the contract until he is thirty-four years old.

Before announcing its judgement, the court tried to get the two parties to mediate. However, Hangeng's party refused claiming that the trust between him and SM has been destroyed. SM also refused claiming that Hangeng acted independently against the contract before the judgment came out.

In the first round of Hangeng's court battle, the court found in favor the plaintiff holding that the three contracts formed which are an exclusive contract formed in January of 2003, a modified contract in February of 2007 and an accessory contract made in December of 2007 have no legal effect.

Source: Newsis
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM