[NEWS] FC MEN to Attend Kick-Off for Second Half of Season on 17th

The second half of the 2011 Peace Star Cup Entertainer Soccer Championship league will resume on the 17th in the Assistant Field of the Suwon World Cup Field.

The four teams – Miracle FC of soft charisma, the elite student-gentlemen FC Rivero, the unveiled FC MEN, and the sharp abilities-driven Super Stars – unfolded a remarkable series battle in the first half that could not be missed.

Currently FC MEN is #1, besting Miracle FC in goal scoring. Super Stars and FC Rivero follow. It has become known that all of the elite members including captain Kim junsu will attend for FC MEN in order to secure surely the win. The other teams are also having a sufficient rest and renewing their determination. As in the first half it will be a league of the four teams and the final winner will be selected by the battle between the top ranked teams of the first and second half of the league.

The relay-commenting by the comedians Park Sungkwang, Kim Kyungmin, and Ahn Ilkwon who had lifted the spirits with fun commentating in the tournaments of the first half of the league also makes one look forward to the tournament.

Peace Star Cup is the only entertainer soccer tournament in Korea and is hosted by the city of Suwon and Sunmoon Peace Soccer Foundation. It is the leader of “Sports-tainment” – the concept of entertainers doing good to society through soccer. It has prepared a variety of societal contribution events. This tournament is pushing for the corrective surgery for children with cross-eyes, sponsored by the sponsor Kim Ophthalmology Hospital.

Source: Sports World

Translation Credit: JYJ3