[News] Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young "bed scene"

In the episode of new KBS drama "Poseidon" which will be broadcasted on 20th, Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young slept together in one room,

Kim Sun Woo (Siwon) and Soo Yoon (Si Young) finally met each other for the 1st time after the maritime officer was transferred to Kunsan.

Kim got fell in love at first sight upon meeting Soo Yoon but their 1st meeting ended up in an uncomfortable situation. The two spent the night and slept together.

The scene was shot in Paju on 13th. Siwon is only wearing training boxer shorts and SiYoung has a messy hair. They are both awaken by a phone call and shocked to see each other in the same room.

To SiYoung's surprised she hits Siwon repeatedly while Siwon looks confused. The scene made the production team laughed because of their natural acting.

Source: TVReport

Brief Summary by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net