[News] Brown Eyed Girls hijack Shin Okubo! Judges “sassy dance contest”

Brown Eyed Girls, a 4-member K-Pop girl group who will be holding their first solo concert in Tokyo on 9/12, made an emergency visit and appeared in the city of Shin Okubo on 8/31. The whole city went crazy over the sudden visit of the stars.

Brown Eyed Girls made surprise visit to restaurants and such, livening people up everywhere they went, and at night, they appeared as guest judges at the “sassy dance contest” held at the livehouse “Seichi.” The “sassy dance” referenced here is a nickname for the choreography of “Abracadabra,” their representative song that was released in 2009, and features a sexy hip move.

Before the contest, Brown Eyed Girls greeted the audience in Japanese, saying “Konbanwa~!” They also commented, “We’ve been to Japan a few times, but this is our first time in Shin Okubo” (Narsha), “I thought only 10 people would show up for the contest, but I’m happy that there are a lot of participants” (Jea), and performed the original “sassy dance” also.

There were 5 groups that made it through the preliminaries and participated in the finals. The backgrounds of the groups were varied, ranging from semi-pros who’ve had experience as singers or entertainers to amateur dance groups. Participants displayed their creativity and wore outfits similar to the bondage type worn by the members for the song, copying the hairstyles and makeup of each member also. Brown Eyed Girls looked on with an impressed smile.

The winner was a 9-member team, 4 women and 5 men, that said they were huge fans of Brown Eyed Girls and performed an impressive dance. After Miryo praised them, saying, “The outfits and the dance was perfect, and I was touched,” the winning team cried tears of joy. The other members also gave praise: “You guys were all very good, I was surprised! It made me think that when we get back to Korea, we have to start over from square one. Thank you for giving us good stimulation” (Ga-In), “All the participants were wonderful. I think you guys were able to dance it so perfectly because you guys took the time to watch our music video so many times. I’m grateful for that passion” (Narsha), “I learned a lot from you guys today. It was fantastic” (Jea).

At the end, Narsha also expressed enthusiasm for the first solo concert, saying “We’re planning to sing dance tunes, such as “Abracadabra” and “Sign,” of course, but vocal types more for listening too. Please look forward to it.”

“Brown Eyed Girls 1st Concert In Japan” will be held on 9/12 in Shibuya, Tokyo at C.C. Lemon Hall. Tickets are on sale now.

Source + Photos: pia.jp
Translated by: translation: superior_music @4everlastings.com
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