[Message] Nana's message from Tokyo Girls Collection Show

Title : Shh~~ This is Nana♥

Hello Hello~
This is Nana^^
Our Cuties, all of you doing well right~~~?♥
Nana and all members are going back and forth from Korea to Japan, we doing our best on our activities and practicing~~
It’s been a while since i come to Fancafe and when i here i’m kinda surprised!!!!!!!
I really really reallyy~~~~~~~!!! Miss our fans
I am uploading the photos from last week~♬
It’s a first revelatiooooooooooooon~~! Its really nice~~Is it nice? Yes it is!!!
Here Here Here look forward a lot!!!

These pictures are taken from last week Tokyo Girls Collection~~
It was just like a dream at a big stage as a main model!!!!!!
I was nervous~~~~~~But because fans are supporting i did walked confidently!!Thank you!!

So, i uploaded this to show to our fans~~~♥

Ah well well well well well well well!!!!!!!!!

This is a big secret~~~~~~~~~Shhh!!
Orange Caramel will have comeback soon~~~~♥
The Hint!!!! Its One Asia Project part 2!! All of you looking forward for it right??

Because we’ll meet soon!! Dont cheat behind us but wait for us~~~~~~~~Alright?

Because of the fans supporting i gained a strength~♬
I’ll do my best >.<

So, meet you soon!! And, it’s Chuseok* now~~

[*T/N Korean Thanksgiving Day]

Have a nice thanksgiving day!!

We have prepared something special for Chuseok Greetings!please look forward~>.<~~~♥

Then, Good Bye~~~!!!

PS: Our other members almost didnt write a message~~~♥
But i will!! But you know that right??Our members always have an eyes on the fancafe

Real goodbye, bye~~ Meet you soon~~Us~~~♥
(I only upload these photos at fancafe~!!Yoohoohoo~~)

Trans : Ahyoo (previously Jinahya) @ PlaygirlzWorld.Com