[Me2Day] DARA "We've changed the title song to Go Away~!"

래 일본데뷔곡이였던 고어웨이로 여러분과 함께 “놀자”하고픈 마음에 싱글타이틀곡이 고어웨이 변경되었다는 속보를 일본랙잭이들에게 알려드립니다~!^0^우후~! 선전부장 달옹!우후~!ㅋㅋ고고어웨이!에에에에!!! 11월16일부터 또 다시 노올자!^.^ 치바공연에서도 놀자!!!

TAGS: 보나스~! 빠밤! 가슴을 후벼파는 슬픈이별 이야기 "아파"도 함께 고고싱 합니다! 기대 많이~해쥬떼여~!^.*
I'm informing Japanese Blackjacks of this breaking news: we've changed the title song of the single to Go Away, since we want to 'NOLZA (Play)' with everyone in Go Away, which was originally our Japanese debut song~!^0^ Woohoo~! PR Manager Darong! Woohoo~! Ke ke Go go away! Eh eh eh eh!!! Starting from November 16th, let's play again!^.^ Let's play at the Chiba concert too!!!

TAGS: Bonus~! Bbabam! "It hurts", the sad break up story that really tears a hole in one's heart is also go go going to come with it! Please anticipate~ it a lot~!^.*

Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies