[INTERVIEW] 4minute's Chuseok Greetings

4minute, “Look forward to our active participation in Chuseok Special variety shows."

4minute left their Chuseok greetings to fans with a beautiful photo of them wearing Hanbok. [T/N: Chuseok - Thanksgiving Day in Korea; Hanbok - Traditional Korean clothing]

For this year's Chuseok holiday, 4minute are planning to spend some time with their family. They will also greet the fans through various Chuseok Special programs.

Leader Nam Jihyun left a message which is full of her filial affection. "It's been a long time since I saw my grandmother, so I wanted to meet her. I also wanted to make some songpyeon for my parents. To our fans, stay healthy and have fun on your Chuseok holiday. I hope everyone get to send their wishes before the full moon comes out, so it will come true. I hope we can always stay together like now. Thank you, and I love you."
[T/N: Songpyeon - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songpyeon]

Heo Gayoon wrote some requests to their fans, "I hope you guys could spend some good time with your family while eating songpyeon. Don't forget to listen to 4minute songs and watch the variety shows that we filmed." While Jeon Jiyoon revealed her resolution, "I wanted to give myself a present since we're receiving a personal holiday this time. To eat some good foods, to meet my friends, and to spend some good time with my family. I will be a more hard-working Jiyoon if you guys keep on giving me some love."

Hyunah revealed her plan, "Spend a good time with your family if you have a holiday. If not, you can watch some Chuseok Special variety shows and meet us. Since it's Chuseok, eat a lot of good foods and spend it well. I love you." The youngest - Sohyun - wrote a request to her fans full of aegyo, "It's not a long holiday, but I hope you guys could spend it wisely. Don't forget to give a lot of love for 4minute even on Chuseok."

Each of 4minute members revealed their wishes for Chuseok. Jihyun: "I hope that my younger brother could have a healthy life and living well, because he just entered the army. I also hope that our members could laugh a lot and have a fun activities just like now. Please stay healthy, 4nias." Gayoon: "Chuseok foods are high in calories, so I hope that I won't gain weight even if I eat a lot. We're currently preparing for a new album for our next activities, so I hope that we could receive a lot of love for this album too." Jiyoon: "I hope that our family, members, and 4nias could stay healthy and have a happy daily life. Hyunah: "To all families, people around us, and our fans, I hope everyone will stay healthy." Sohyun: My big brother entered the army on 5th September. I hope that he will spend his first Chuseok in the army with a healthy body. I also hope that he will be living well and eat a lot of good foods. I hope everyone could enjoy this Chuseok."

Source: Newsen
Translating & editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com