[INT] Interview ViVi Part 2 (Taecyeon, Junho, Wooyoung)

JPN-Eng by SakiHA @2pmalways.com3 | Edited by Egle @2pmalways.com | Scans credit to Neruneruchan & Yooko_11 MAY BE TAKEN OUT WITH FULL CREDIT


--- What do you think about your talent?
In my case, I barely think that “I am doing perfectly”. Every time I get off the stage, I reflect on myself. I always want to show the best of what I can do. I don’t want to think like I already am doing well enough because Idon’t want to get satisfied with what I am now.

--- Were you a popular kid when you were little?
When I was little, I was just doing whatever I thought was fun. I was dancing in front of my classmates. However, I guess I had many friends saying they liked me very much… (LOL)

--- Do you observe other members?
Since we spend most of the time together, I’d say they come into my sight rather than I observe them.

---What is your personal motto?
If you work hard, there’s nothing impossible.

---You see a girl in a balcony alone at a party. What would you do?
I bring 2 glasses of wine and I get drunk and pass out first. After that?It depends on the girl. (Other members burst out laughing)

--- You chose Nichkhun for the question “Which member would you go out with?” and Nichkhun also chose you.
It was the first time that we answered that kind of question seriously. (LOL) Nichkhun has the biggest caring heart for others.

--- What is Wooyoung’s secret?
He looks so wild when he is dancing. It’s not even a secret though. (Junsu)
He stays and practices after his schedule is done and everyone else has gone home. It’s like he is still in his teens. (Taecyeon)


--- What was the toughest thing at the audition?
Basically, it was fun because I was trying my best to achieve my goal. However, it was so painful to see my friends get eliminated. I was very happy to remain with Chansung and Taecyeon though.

--- When do you think you are “wild”?
I don’t feel wildness in me these days, actually. I’m actually very quiet like a sheep. (LOL) I am still passionate about music and performance, but I’m keeping myself calm now. I think it’ll come back after a year!

--- What is your personal motto?
“Sincerity always gets through.” There is a phrase in Korea “The truth will always get through” but in my case, sincerity is what I want to pass along to others.

---You see a girl in a balcony alone at a party. What would you do?
First, I bring a glass of water for her and chat. Then I ask her to take a walk with me. Yeah, we would sneak out of the party alone.

--- When do you feel happy as a member of 2PM?
I and other artist/actor friends often get together and talk about our goals. I always feel happiness to be with the other members. We can help each other when we lack something… It’s very nice to be ina group with the others.

--- What is Junho’s secret?
When we go overseas, Junho always brings his ipad with him, writing songs and composing all of the time. His passion for music is brilliant! (Junsu)
He sings out loud while he is taking a shower. (Wooyoung)


---Do you usually lead others?
Originally, no, I haven’t. Because I have an older sister, I was likely to follow her when I was a kid. As I’ve been working with 2PM, it’s changed. To be honest, I want to lead anybody but my sister. (LOL)

--- Do you like to work out?
I don’t like it, but my body gets toned up easily. Junho started working out first, then Nichkhun, Chansung and I.

--- Do you feel fear by being famous? Or pleased?
Whether it scares me or not, I am very thankful. In Japan, many people still don’t know about us, and it reminds me of the time we made our debut back in Korea. I want more and more people to know about us!

--- When do you think you are “wild”?
When I am asleep. Somehow I strain while sleeping.

--- What is your next goal?
To get number one on Oricon Chart, to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome and to join KouhakuUtagassen!! (*One of the biggest music festivals in Japan, which is held on New Year’s Eve every year. Joining this festival means a lot to singers.)

--- What is Taecyeon’s secret?
He falls asleep as soon as he closes his eyes, and it doesn’t have to be on a bed. He can sleep anywhere. (Nichkhun)
Surprisingly, he’s widely informed. He has a deep knowledge of general intelligence and history. He studies a lot. (Junsu)

JPN-Eng by SakiHA @2pmalways.com3 | Edited by Egle @2pmalways.com | Scans credit to Neruneruchan & Yooko_11