[INFO] Review for the Movie "Bada"

When three different people with different stories meet,
they head towards their only destination, the sea (bada).

-Let's go on a trip to yourself
Blinded Taeseong, who can only see the world through his heart goes on a trip alone one day. However he is hit by a car, which infuriated Jini was driving in.
Surprised, Jini insists to take Taeseong to the hospital but for some reason Taeseong refuses, and only asks her to take him to his destination.
And Suhui, who jumps out of the road of Taeseong and Jini!
Suhui, a heavy boxer, attempts of suicide but is fortunately saved by the two and joins their trip.
Coincidental meeting, and the fateful fact that all three has never been to the sea (bada).

Their trip to bada,
somewhat imperfect but beautiful,
starts now!

-BADA as seen at 2010 JEONJU INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (review by HYEON Solip)

Heavy boxer Suhui (KO Suhui) is unhappy about her fat appearance. Twenty-year-old Taeseong (JEON Jihwan) is a surprisingly talented artist despite his blindness. Jini (KIM Jini) can't dare to tell her boyfriend about her pregnancy. Raged in anger, Jini steals her co-worker's car at the bar and leaves her workplace. However blinded Taeseong gets hit by the car. When even Suhui gets hit, the three starts a fateful journey together. Each with awful problems, the lonely people coincidentally enter each other's life and starts to fill their empty hearts.

Director YOUN Taesik depicts the process as a trip to the sea.

Jini has never been to the sea. So has Suhui, who has an old ailing mother. Blinded Taeseong has never been to the sea neither. To them, the sea is the only destination. Everyone dreams of a place to hide when all problems of reality come rushing. The place seems even more dreamy where one has never been to. Because your imagination is all yours. To the three, the sea is a symbol of hope, a whole new wonderland where they've never been to.

However the reality is tough. Reality won't let go of the three people. For Suhui, who only started boxing because she had a crush on the handsome coach, her problem is not the World Champion Title but her huge, enormous body. She lost confidence and that's what hinders her from confessing. Taeseong suffers continuously from an unknown shock is on the verge of death and has to get a surgery within a few days. Jini can't even eat because of her morning sickness and her boyfriend is unreachable. Unsolved problems and scars make them give up on the trip many times.

Giving up does not solve the problem. Their problems never seem to change.

However one thing has definitely changed. They are not alone anymore. Suhui protects Jini from her boyfriend who slaps and abuses her. Taeseong says he envies Suhui, who has been ugly for her whole life. Jini and Suhui saves Taeseong from the bullies. When they walk along the lonely dark tunnel of life they are not alone. They do not ask what the hell's wrong with your life. Instead, they hold their hands tight and shouts on the top of the world. Life returns the echo of comfort to them. You are not alone, don't be afraid.

The echo gives the three courage to face their problems. Suhui adorns herself with makeup and flowery dress and confesses her love to the coach. The result is not important. A brave challenge to fix one's problem is beautiful and precious. Life is solely yours, and the challenge is a evidence of youself trying to live a great one.

Director YOUN Taesik gazes on the three protagonist. He does not judge on their lives, although pathetic in some way. All he does is to show everyone how people of different characters, scars and sorrow, relies on one another on a trip to the sea. The three people, who do not look like friends at all, turns to perfect fellows in the trip. Audiences can't help but absorb themselves into Jini, Taeseong and Suhui's strange journey. Just like how black, black ink draws a beautiful line on the white paper.

-Filled with amazing scenes, Bada.
Director YOUN Taesik depicts the movie with his delicate sense of producing. The action scene where Suhui fights two burglars are only expressed by the movements of their feet, and the scene where Taeseong's big brother's trauma is depicted by an underwater silhouette show the talent of the director. The best scene, of course, is when the three finally arrives at the sea after all the troubles. It shows why they wanted to go there, with a magnificient scale. Director YOUN Taesik says that the sea was filmed with the help of the heaven's weather, of all the countless days of filming. The OSTs which can be heard along the journey are as amazing.

Life is a long interminable journey however the trip to the sea is much more happier with friends. Instead of going to my own sea, a sea shared together is happier. When someone holds your hands tired of life, when one meets another and two meets one, it is happy. Because the one is always there for you, life is the happiest.

The movie "BADA" is a laud to the cliche that together, you can go anywhere.

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