[INFO] OH Wonbin as part of 3 Musketeers Musical

[News]Heo Young Saeng - Oh Won Bin musical "The Three Musketeers' cast jap48.gif Eom Gi Jun, Lee Ji Hoon, Kyuhyun and attractive showdown

SS501 FT Island from Vanity five won an empty life and the musical "Three Musketeers" was cast into.
Vanity five won an empty life and the musical "Three Musketeers" in the eomgijun, Lee Ji Hoon, Super Junior Kyuhyun daltanyang station with the first challenge will be to take the musical.
The Three Musketeers and the proximal colon, the legendary premiere of stations that are members of the Atos geomgaekin yujunsang sinseongwoo and was casting. A former opera singer in Paris which is the best teeth in the romance which has been together since the premiere Aramis minyounggi station is also, from Pirates of the Musketeers The Three Musketeers to the role of the licorice rolled gimbeopraega station is expanded to the Fort toss.
Betrayal and intrigue to the genius of this musical actress milradi At stations showing the greatest activity seojiyoung and Sonya, lover of daltanyang premiere actress Constance station gimah gimsohyeon and each line was cast.
The musical "Three Musketeers" in the background of the 17th century French royal youth dream to be a Musketeer and the French king's guard troops daltanyang Three Musketeers Athos, Port Toth, Aramis three people friendship, adventure and excitement of the work is abundantly green.
Producing the official "The Seongnam Arts Center performances of the Angels, the highlight further reinforce the fencing scene, not just a sword action and dazzling acrobatic martial hardships latitude to add to the spectacular action introduces a" said "20-member orchestra of the more solemn and more abundant haejin tunes that have been upgraded to the more luxury enough to expect a musical, "he said.
Meanwhile, the musical "Three Musketeers" in the coming Nov. 3 to Dec. 18 will be performed at Seongnam Arts Center Opera House.
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110915n17249 Via KyuSaeng@FB