[INFO] 2PM's "Hands Up" clean version released!

May be taken out with full credits. Please note that this is a translation summary.

울려 퍼지는 음악에 맞춰
Everyone put your hands up and get your dreams up
온 세상이 함께 미쳐
Everyone put your hands up and get your dreams up
Now, put your hands up, put your hands up put, put, put, put, put

볼륨을 높여 스피커 터지도록 그리고 모두 함께 미쳐 정신 빠지도록
온 몸을 흔들어 봐 봐 아무 생각 안 나도록

오늘 모두 함께 밤 새 내 말에 동의하는 사람 만세 오늘 끝까지 계속 달려가세
이랴! 이랴! You know what I’m sayin’ 이건 귀로 듣는 피로 회복제 영양제
파티를 터트리는 기폭제 밤 새 흔들리는 불빛에 딱 어울리지 내 말 맞제

Here we go here we go 계속 달리자고
이제 겨우 열두 시 아직 해 뜰려면 멀었다고
그러니 한 번 더 채우고 다시 시작하자고

해가 뜨기 전에 절대 음악이 끊기는 일이 없게 DJ 오늘 밤을 부탁해
“오빠 믿어도 되지 OK?” Yes Sir 나는 먼저 들어갈게 이런 말이 나오는 일이 없게
물 한 잔을 다같이 들이킬게 OK 다같이 자 갈게

Don’t stop 오늘 밤은 떠오르는 모든 생각은 비워 버리고는 다같이 즐겨 봐

2PM has released a new Hands Up clean version that has surfaced on music sites for download (you can listen to a preview here...)! If you remember, Hands Up got banned for it's "mature content" because the song had mentionings of partying and alcohol and such, which means the song cannot be broadcasted before 10pm! Only a few lines have changed, which have been highlighted in red.

If you'll notice, "get your drinks up" has been changed to "get your dreams up". Khun's line changed very slightly to close to the same thing and Taec's original line was "Lets all have another glass together. One shot. Everyone let's go." and now it loosely translates to, "Let's all have a glass of water...OK together let's go!"

So be sure to listen closely next time 2PM performs "Hands Up" before 10PM on Korean television, they will most likely be singing the "clean version"! :P