[INFO] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Taipei, Taiwan ticketing info for Hottest 3rd

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Here is a summary of the notice on the 2PM Official Fancafe in regards to the Taiwan concerts on October 7th and 8th. First off, there are 100 seats reserved for each day for Hottest 3 members. These seats are in Section A for October 7th and Section B for October 8th. Hottest 3rd can apply for these tickets on the fancafe and tickets will be issued first come, first served. The application board will be open from September 14th at 10AM KST to September 18th at 10AM KST. To get these tickets, you'd have to transfer money via Bank Transfer. If you do not have a Daum cafe account but are in Hottest 3rd...send us an email at: adminteam@2oneday.com and we'll see if we can help you. YOU MUST BE A PAID HOTTEST 3rd though, otherwise we cannot help you.

This is more of an FYI because it applies to none of us pretty much, but Hottest 3 can also pay for tour packages to fly from Korea to Taiwan! There are 2 nights packages and 3 nights packages. It's all inclusive and even includes some tours around Taipei. The package does not include concert tickets, but includes everything else including stay at a 3-star hotel, transportation, and etc. There are even optional tours to add on or a foot massage! xD

The price varies depending on the package, but it's between 645,000 - 795,000won depending on the hotel room occupancy, additional tours and etc.

So, it's something to look forward to. kHottests will definitely be attending the concerts around Asia! :) Keep an eye out! ^^V