[FANCAFE] HyungSik's Message: Mr Ban HaeWon

[♪HyungSik♪] Mr Ban Hae Won (T/N: Ban HaeWon is HyungSik's cast in his musical 'Temptation Of Wolves')     
2011.09.28. 05:56
Everyone~ How are you~~?!
Didn't been in here for a very long time
I made everyone waited for so long, so firstly I would like to say sorry..
Although we keep showing our handsome faces
Because we are getting prepared (T/N: Preparing for their new album), so please don't blame us~!
Autumn is coming..... Why are those wicked mosquitoes still here?!!
I wonder is there any ways to get them extinct..
Ah... Autumn season.. Everyone is wearing comfortable sleep wear and sleep~!!
Must be careful of mosquitoes.. (?)
The members almost caught those wicked mosquitoes when we sprayed the pesticides..
Even though we sprayed but the mosquitoes still can't die... I think we need to move to another higher places to stay...
Everyone help us... Those mosquitoes are still flying even though its winter season..
Ah.. Anyway, ZE:A will really comeback with a matured ones
Everyone, don't find other appa, only watch out for appas over here (T/N: Fans > ZE:A = Children > ZE:A) !
We won't make all of you disappointed, we will give out our best!!


[♪HyungSik♪] 반해원니이이이임     
2011.09.28. 05:56

애기들 ~ 잘 지냈어~~?!
너무 오랜만에 와서
얼마나 기다렸을까 하는 생각에 미안함이 앞서네..
그래도 그시간을 우린 우리 애기들에게 멋있는모습
보여주기위해 투자한거니까 미워하지말고~!!
이제 가을이 오는것 같은데..... 이놈의 모기들은
왜이리 안없어지는거야?!! 멸종시킬방법은 없는건가..
아..이제 가을이 오는것 같은데..이제 다들 옷 따뜻하게
입고 다니기~!! 모기 조심하구요..(?)
숙소 모기떼 잡으려고 에프킬라 뿌렸다가 멤버 잡을뻔했어..
모기는 이제 약뿌려도 안죽네..빨리 높은집으로 이사가야할듯..
도와주세요 여러분..요즘 모기는 겨울에도 날아다닌데..
아..암튼 우리 제국의아이들 더 멋지고 세련된 모습으로 찾아올거니까
다른아빠 찾아가지말고 우리 아빠들만 지켜보고있으라고!
우릴 믿는만큼 우리도 최고가 되어줄게!!

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TRANSLATION: dingdong1311@EmpireChildren