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We received a few articles submitted by our readers lately,so i decided to open up this section for KPop lovers to submit the articles written by themselves to us,we will review your articles and post them on our site.

If you want your articles to be read by 400,000 ++ readers on Facebook and 60,000 KPop fans on Twitter,DKPOPNEWS is definitely the best place for you to do so.

The difference of guest writer and author is guest writer does not need to be as committed as author,you can write when you are free and submit to us anytime as you wish as long as it is latest news,author needs to be more dedicated compared to guest writer!

You can submit your articles using the form below.

Some formats and rules to follow:
1.)Must have a photo
2.)The article must be self-written
3.)Must have source
4.)You have to add "Written By:" at the end of the article,you can add your Twitter or Facebook username if you want readers to interact with you there.
5.)No sharing of rumours
6.)Articles must be saved on Microsoft Word.

An example below:

After finishing the article,you can upload it below,we will review and decided whether to post it on our site or not,hwaiting!

DKPOPNEWS' Guest Writer 

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