[Article] f(Luna) - "Musicals and Idols; Which Matches Best?"

Luna (f(x)) This lead vocal from the girl group with the unique concept f(x) also has amazing dance skills, and these things will never fail to make you fall for her. Luna is the first member out of the five who started to star in musicals and did her job naturally. Her debut musical was "Legally Blonde", and a senior from the same agency, Girls' Generation's Jessica has starred in this musical before her. When the musical was decided to be reenacted, it was decided that Luna would star in the musical. Luna's musical debut did not become a hot topic but fellow actors as well as the companies were informed that Luna had a sincere personality as well as other qualities, allowing Luna to be evaluated admirably. Not long after that, Luna was chosen to be a strong, full-of-energy, and aspiring character in the musical "Coyote Ugly". She fit the role very well, and was similar to the original actress for the musical, and this resulted in a satisfying result despite the result the crew had to take. Luna's crisp vocals and powerful dance happen to be her specialties. Out of the 10 idol stars [that were covered in the full article], Luna seems to be a rare case because truthfully, she has a really healthy image and a positive energy which appeal to people. This was proven during her appearance through her improvisations, and she would need to broaden her musical involvements.

Source: 매기_ @ DC
Translated by: spiceshoe@iheartfx.com