Article: 2NE1 Attends the Daegu Athletics Championship Event!

2NE1 Attends the Daegu Athletics Championship Event!

On September 1st, people who went to the Daegu Athletics Championships, were able to see Korea’s hottest and best stars, 2NE1, as they visited the Adidas booth at Daegu Stadium.

Fun Activities While Waiting For 2NE1!

When it was announced that 2NE1 would be visiting at 5:00PM, many people from different ages, including a lot of high school students and even an old grandpa, went to the Adidas booth early to catch them. While waiting for 2NE1, a lot of pre-event activities were held to entertain everybody, including a photo session and games, where the winners would get their prizes directly from 2NE1.

I Am The Best! Clad in Adidas Products, Best Sense of Style, 2NE1!

Even though they were late for 30 minutes, the people still waited for 2NE1 excitedly, not minding the heat of the day.

As they are known in the entertainment industries as fashionistas, 2NE1 did not disappoint when they appeared in their Adidas ensemble, with a distinct color coordinated outfit for each member; with her pink jersey matched with black undershirt and shorts, Park Bom showed her sporty side, while Gong Minji donned a purple jersey with matching pants; with her funky hairstyle and all black jersey, CL emitted charisma, while with her bright yellow jersey, Sandara Park looked even more cute and fresh! Right after they made their appearance, a lot of camera flashes and cheers went up for these trendy fashion icons as they stayed in the Adidas booth.

Sandara Park gave a cute message and cheer for the World Athletics Championship, as Gong Minji tried her hand at the shot put, followed by a media photo time. After the photo time ended, 2NE1 members sent tweets to Adidas Twitter Followers directly, asking for their comments and feedback, while Gong Minji directly tweeted using her own fan account.

Sandara Park Is A Game Genius? At Once Made A World Record!

The Adidas booth was located at the ground floor, where AdiZero Feather was exhibited, 2NE1 went their directly, followed by people who ran after them. With its light, 190g weight and dazzling color, “Bomtori Park Bom couldn’t stop looking and exploring the AdiZero Feather. Also on the ground floor, near the back, was an exhibit which showed the history of Adidasl the girls and other people, also showed a lot of history into how the brand was made.

Various games were on the second floor booth, where people could experience different athletic games, and 2NE1 was first challenged to do the discus throwing game. Sandara Park was the first to step up to the challenge, and when she achieved a “world record” on her first attempt at the discus throwing game, she surprised the booth staff, the press, and the audience; charismatic leader, CL, also tried out the challenge.

Sandara Park continued to play amazingly. The second challenge was dart games, and she hit the dartboard’s center when she tried, making Minji’s eyes widen in surprise and causing Bom to jump and cheer excitedly as she made the hit. Doesn’t Dara look really cute holding up the dart pins in her hands?

Lastly was the awarding of the pre-event winners, where leader CL handed out the awards, with the 2NE1 members backing her up on stage. The winners were also given the chance to take pictures with 2NE1 in the Adidas booth, making good memories. Unfortunately, the adventure was too short.

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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara