[TRANS/INTERVIEW] 2PM Flies to Thailand for 'EVERSENSE 2PM Exclusive Fan Meeting : The Hottest Hunt in The Jungle Night Party'

“Beast Idols” 2PM fly to Thailand to film a Eversense commercial as well as hold a fanmeeting and created “sweet scented” memories with fans in 'EVERSENSE 2PM Exclusive Fan Meeting : The Hottest Hunt in The Jungle Night Party.’

Before their fanmeeting, 2pm had an interview with the Thai media. Below is a transcript of the interview.

Hello, we are 2PM.
Question: What is the purpose of your visit to Thailand this time around?
Nichkhun: We came to film an new Eversense commercial. We just taped it yesterday. It was very fun. The environment was good and very friendly. We also have a fanmeeting with Thai fans as well. We’re very happy to come perform for fans. We’ve wanted to see them for a long time. Right now we’re very busy in Korea and Japan so we want to thank Eversense for this opportunity.

Question: How did you guys prepare for this fanmeeting?
Wooyoung: The special thing is that we can show our new work, Hands Up, for the first time in Thailand. Thank you Eversense for this opportunity to meet our fans again.

Question: Have you seen the new commercial yet? How is it?
Chansung: The members have seen it. It’s very good and we’re very proud.

Question: How was filming the commercial yesterday?
Junho: It was very fun. We have to thank the work crew and Eversense very much. The background scene was beautiful and the plot was beautiful. We would like you to look forward to it.

Question: When are you going to have a full concert in Thailand?
Nichkhun: In September we’re having an Asian Tour starting in Seoul. And then we’re going to other countries, and for sure to Thailand too. Please look forward to it.

Question: Please say something to the fans.
Junsu: Thank you Thai Hottests for your love and support all this time. We would like to hurry and have a concert for you.
Nichkhun: Please take care of yourself and be healthy.

Source: http://www.pingbook.com/news/view.php?id=13311
Translated by whiterose @ Wild2Day.org