[TRANS/ACCOUNT] V6 talks about 2PM at their concert

2PM had the chance to greet V6 in their waiting room at Music Station.

Innoji (Inohara Yoshihiko) introduced himself and made a gesture. 2PM saw it and laughed. Ken (Miyake Ken) said "Everybody is so tall. Your view of the world is probably very different from ours." Okado (Okada Junichi) said "They should cut their legs from their knees off."

And during the talk portion of their concert, V6 talked about 2PM and a member of V6 said "2PM came to greet us in our waiting room today. Innoji made a joke for them too and everybody laughed. Everybody said that 2PM are very nice and very tall...they really should share some of their height with us too."

Source: http://phin99.ivyro.net/bbs/zboard.php?id=...sc&no=21867
Translated by Tik @ 2pmalways (Kor-Thai) & whiterose @ Wild2Day.org

May be taken out with full credits.