[TRANS] Spaceshower TV Korean Hits Ranking (promo of single, album release & JYP Nation Japan), 2PM

TAEC: To everyone watching "Spaceshower TV Korean Hits Ranking"...
ALL: Hello, we're 2PM!
TAEC: I'm 2PM's Taecyeon.
JUNSU: I'm Junsu.
WOO: I'm Wooyoung.
JUNHO: I'm Junho.
KHUN: I'm Nichkhun.
CHAN: I'm Chansung.
TAEC: 2PM will appear in "Korean Hits Ranking" for August every week!
ALL: (cheer)
JUNHO: We're all looking forward to it, aren't we?
JUNSU: Please be sure to watch it, okay?

WOO: On August 17th, our new single "I'm your man" will be released!
CHAN: In addition, the Japan special edition of our "Hands Up" album, which was released in mid-June in Korea, will go on sale, too.
KHUN: And on August 17th and 18th, "JYP Nation in Japan 2011" will open at Saitama Super Arena.
TAEC: "I'm your man", "Hands up, 2PM special edition", "JYP Nation in Japan 2011"... we will talk about these in detail next week.
TAEC: That's all and this was...
ALL: See you next week!

Source: 0430yes @ youtube
Translated by: fantaisie @ Wild2Day.org