[TRANS] 2PM Nichkhun's 'Seoul Diary' (1) - Feedback for 'Hands up'? "It's very fun and exciting right now"

[COLUMN] 110721 2PM Nichkhun's 'Seoul Diary' (1) - Feedback for 'Hands up'? "It's very fun and exciting right now"

A handsome singer, Nichkhun has the special ability to make everyone who meets him fall in love with his kindness and nice manners. Recently, 2PM has received lots of good feedback for their 2nd full length album "Hands Up." After releasing their latest song "Hands Up" on the 20th of last month, the song quickly became #1 on many charts, quickly showing their "10 out of 10" liveliness.

The liveliness of 2PM is not constricted only in this country, but all over the world, and no doubt all over Asia. One of the 6 members is Nichkhun who is the only foreigner in the group who was born in Thailand, but now he has live in Korea for over 5 years and has already adapted to the language and food there.

Since his debut, Nichkhun has been able to speak Thai (which for sure is his mother tongue), Korean, and English, and along with some Chinese.

His story from the year 2006, from holding his dream to be a singer and his decision move to Korea to his evolution into "singer Nichkhun" kpop star of 2011 will start on the 21st in "Issue Daily" in "Nichkhun's Seoul Diary"

Nichkhun promises to tell his story sincerely in this "Seoul Diary," including the story of a little Thai boy who used to be fragile different from his body image who grows up to be a Hangul star who has become the interest of many people, his deep worries, his experiences in Korea, and his bright dreams.

"Nichkhun's Seoul Diary" will start with a story about their most recent album and will have 10 parts.

Hello, this is 2PM's Nichkhun. Please watch after me (smiles)." Nichkhun greeted reports with a friendly smile and now he will tell his story for 'Nichkhun's Seoul Diary."

When asked to talk about his most recent album "Hands Up" a smile immediately came to his face, you can tell the pure happiness in his face reflects the popularity they are receiving now.

"Because the song "Hands Up" is such a fun and energetic song, it really is nice to be having fun with our promotions, especially since our debut song "10 out of 10" most of our songs have been sad and gloomy, we are very lucky to have a fun that his lively and fresh and we're tired of the dark and gloomy environment (hahaha)"

Whether it is because they changed the mood from a dark to a more energtic one like Nichkhun said or not, the sales and feedback for this album is not normal. Like was said, they received many awards and topped many charts. Right now, 2PM has already won 5 trophies from TV music programs and they are just on their uphill part.

"We didn't think that people would like it this much. Thank you like always for liking this song and for giving such positive feedback. We (2PM) are very happy and appreciative and we are able to do this because of everyone working together."

Lastly, Nichkhun said to fans, jyp employees, and staff, "I would like to thank fans who have been by our sides since our debut, friends at JYPE who have strongly guided us through, and the staff, it's because of every single one of you that I am me today. Thank you. I will be a Nichkhun that won't disappoint you. Fighting."

Source: http://www.naeil.com/News/politics/ViewNew...amp;nnum=615638
Translated by Loverzai @ 2pmalways (Kor-Thai) ; whiterose @ Wild2Day.org (Thai-Eng)

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