Top Youtube Comments of the week!

I guess many of you are just like me,watch the latest KPop clips on Youtube almost daily.

Seriously i can't really survive without Youtube,when i watch videos on Youtube,i often come across some interesting comments,so i decided to open up this topic to share some comments that i think are interesting,check out some interesting comments below

2PM performed "I'm Your Man" for the very first time on Japanese music show
khunwooalways said
Nichkhun rip his shirt with that face kill me 1000000X
Super hot best shot!!!!

It is obvious that the user above is a huge fan of Nichkhun and Woo Young,the boys had a perfect performance on Friday,hope that they will gain more success in Japan in the future!

G.Na unveiled the official MV of Top Girl
kiofairy said
is it weird that even though i live in america i know more about kpop then american artist?? Lol, I LOVE KPOP!!!!

Well,i guess it has become a common phenomenon for KPop fans to know KPop artists more than their local artists,i have to admit that i am one of them too,anyway,G.Na's new song Top Girl is really catchy!

Super Junior revealed Superman MV
miss639426 said
the best part of the song leeteuk:
urineun wonrae ireobeorin byeoleul habchyeo byeori yeol se ke
(With the stars we’ve lost We are thirteen stars)

Super Junior debuted as a 13-member group,the members share close bonds among each other,with Kang In enlisted in the army,Hang Geng returned to China for his solo career and Kibum not participating in their projects these few years,the boys are not united temporarily,but we strongly believe that the 13 stars will be united again!

Please inform me if you see any great comments on Youtube ^ ^,hope that you like this section!