Top Korean Girl Bands KARA, f(x), miss A and Sistar to Sparkle on Hong Kong's Stage for the First Time with their Hit Songs and Hot Dances on August 23 "K-POP Girls in Love LIVE in HK 2011"!

Top Korean Girl Bands KARA, f(x), miss A and Sistar to Sparkle on Hong Kong's Stage for the First Time with their Hit Songs and Hot Dances on August 23 "K-POP Girls in Love LIVE in HK 2011"!

Top Korean girl bands will gather in Hong Kong to make your summer even hotter! The four heavyweight girl bands - KARA, f(x), miss A and Sistar - will heat up the stage at 8PM on August 23, 2011 (Tuesday) by giving their very best performance to audience in Hong Kong, China and other Asia regions.

It is the first time for the 4 girl bands to perform in Hong Kong in "K-POP Girls in Love LIVE in HK 2011" concert. All the band members are famous for their flawless appearance, perfect singing voices and hot dances. They will each be singing many of their hit songs accompanied with hottest and sexiest dances to all their fans!

KARA, who immediately garnered the spotlight when they debuted in 2007, is currently one of the most popular girl bands in Japan. The band name comes from the Greek word "CHARA", which means joyfulness. KARA's 5 cute members Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara and Jiyoung are the beloved idols of millions fans throughout Asia. Although they have experienced some challenges since their debut, all 5 members have performed up to the fans' expectations and now become the most popular Korea girl band in Japan and the top 5 girl bands in Korea. All the singles they released have entered into the Top 5 in Oricon Chart! KARA swept through Japan with their "Hip Dance" in their single "MR" and millions of fans have learnt the steps of the dance - even the most popular celebrities in Japan imitated their steps too! KARA released their 4th single "Go Go Summer" in Japan at the end of June this year and has sold over 110,000 copies in just one week and ranked 2nd in Oricon Weekly Sales Chart. Beside their singing and dancing skills, the members of KARA have developed as an all-rounded artist by participating in numerous variety shows. Nicole was once the MC of "Star Golden Bell"; Seungyeon is a regular guest for "Quiz! Sixth Sense”; Jiyoung has participated in “Haha Dream Show”; Gyuri has been the regular DJ for the radio show “Shim Shim Tapa” and has participated in “Today is a Good Day!”; Hara has participated in this year most popular TV drama "City Hunter". They also became the endorsement model for many brands and participate in different advertisements which proved their popularity!

f(x) was formed in 2009. The band name "f(x)" comes from a mathematical notation, in which the band interpret "f" as the abbreviation for "flower" and "x" represents the female DNA "xx". The band name means that when input with different "x", there can be many different outcomes and f(x) strives to be the kind of girl group that can change and adapt to many situations. With the charming faces of its members Luna, Sulli, Krystal, Amber and Victoria, f(x) has become an icon of girl bands in the new era. Before they were officially debuted as a singer, they were already a well-known name by participating in many movies, TV dramas, MVs and advertisements. f(x) release their first album "Pinocchio" in April 2011. Its title song “Danger” achieved “Triple Crown” by topping music charts for 3 consecutive weeks. The 5 members have also achieved outstanding performances in different areas. Krystal showed her stunning skating skill in "Kiss & Cry" and shocked even the Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Yu-Na; Victoria has became the endorsement model for different cosmetic products with her sweet and cute face. Also, she became the talk of the town by participating in "We are Married" with 2PM's Nickkhun. A lot of fans signed up for Khuntoria to support the cute couple! Luna showed her sexiness and beautifulness by acting as "April" in "Coyote Ugly", a musical re-written from a movie. Amber, who is well known of her unisex dressing style, has recently taken an uploaded an artistic picture of Krystal to Twitter which sparked much discussions among netizens who praised her professional photographic technique. Sulli is the maknae of the band. She has a very cute and sweet smile and is an incarnation of an angel! Her performance as an MC in Inkigayo is promising. f(x) participated in SMTown Live World Tour in Paris in June and performed "LA chA TA", which received very positive comments from the fans in Paris! They appeared in all-red costume in their latest song "Hot Summer" which perfectly represented the red hot summer! Everyone is looking forward to their sparkling performance on stage!

miss A, which targeted to become a “grade A” band, has just celebrated their anniversary. The 4 members of miss A, Min, Suzy, Fei and Jia are famed for their dance moves. They were awarded for several best rookie awards and best dance song awards since their debut. miss A has made their comeback recently with a more mature look and released their first album “A Class”. Its title song “Goodbye Baby” swept all music charts at the first day of its release and ranked top in the digital sales chart in the 5th week of July (July 17 – July 23) with over 900,000 downloads! The MV also gained over 2,000,000 views in Youtube in just 3 days! Suzy was the leading actress in drama “Dream High” and also the regular MC for MBC “Music Centre”; Jia is an avid dancer with outstanding dancing and singing skills; Min is well known of its networking in the industry. She will be an actress for the first time in the movie “My Sun” and act as the daughter of Jung Jae-young and Kim Seona. Every member has tried their best to develop their plethora of talents! Fei comes from Hainan and is adored for her perfect singing voices and dancing skills!

Sistar’s name is derived from “Sister” and “Star”, meaning that they would like to become a close sister of every star! The four members including Hyolin, Bora, So You & Da Som are well known for their outstanding vocal and dancing skills. They are particularly serious in training and even wear high-heels during their practice sessions! They became more mature after the releases of few singles, including “Push Push”, “Shady Girls” and “How Dare You”! Captain Hyolin participated in “Immortal Song 2” and ranked No.1 for the second time and was named “Korean Beyonce”! Bora, the vocal and rapper of the band, has a foreign-looking face with great dancing skills. So You has gone on a rigorous diet and exercise regiment few weeks ago to get prepared for their upcoming comeback. She has lost 8kgs since she started her regime. Her body is now slimmer and looked even more attractive! Da Som has also became more cute with her short hair look! Beside the main unit Sistar, Hyolin and Bora have formed a sub-unit Sistar 19. Sistar 19 has released a digital single “Ma Boy” which showed their explosive performing power and drew attention from many netizens!

K-POP fans in Hong Kong is extremely lucky to have the opportunity to see miss A’s and Sistar’s live performance of the songs in their latest albums!

All the 4 bands have their uniqueness! All fans are looking forward to watch the performance of the cute, sexy and charm bands in the Hong Kong K-POP concert on August 23!

It is the first and largest hallyu event ever in Hong Kong. Many K-POP fans in Hong Kong and other Asia regions have shown their support to the event! For two nights in a row, fans in Hong Kong can enjoy the exhilarating performance of these bands. The opportunity to take part in this K-POP live party is absolutely rare. Don't miss it!