Top Korean Boy Bands 2AM, CNBLUE, FTISLAND and ZE:A will Storm the Stage in Hong Kong with their Hit Songs on August 24 “K-POP Boys in Power LIVE in HK 2011”!

Need some boys to heat up you in summer? Then don’t miss “K-POP Boys in Power LIVE in Hong Kong 2011”! The four heavyweight boy bands – 2AM, CNBLUE, FTISLAND and ZE:A - will storm the stage at 8PM on August 24, 2011 (Wednesday) by giving their very best performance to audience in Hong Kong, China and other Asia regions.

All the boy bands are recognized for their plethora of talents, and combined with their superb musical achievements, they have melted the hearts of K-POP fans all over the world. They will make their appearances in “K-POP Boys in Power LIVE in HK 2011” on August 24 (Wednesday). They will definitely rock the stage with their most powerful voices and chic dances!

2AM, consists of 4 members including Jiwoon, Jo Kwon, Seulong and Changmin. The team name 2AM was given by the famous K-POP Guru Park Jin Young a.k.a. JYP, wishing the group members to develop their career as a group that can convey various feelings and messages with their perfect voices and appealing music. 2AM debuted in 2008 with the song “This Song” and gained acclaim from fans with their hit song “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”, which later became their signature song. They appeared in Mnet’s documentary “Hot Blood” with their brother group 2PM and were well known of their close relationships. 2AM’s sporty and healthy image allowed them to be one of the few Korean artists to participate in “Listen Up!”, the official 2010 FIFA World Cup album, with their song “No.1”. Besides their gifted talents in singing, each members of the band have shown their competency in many other areas. Jo Kwon, the leader of the band, was widely recognized for his fun and attentive attitude in various programs such as “We Are Married”, “Star King”, and many other popular programs. He is also an elite athlete and won the 100m and 400m race in “Idol Star Olympic Tournament”! Seulong is recognized by fans as the tallest and the most masculine member in the band, his strength was proven when he starred in the 2010 Korean Holiday event for idols and won the 1st place for the traditional wrestling! Changmin is well known by fans as “Military Idol” as he has finished his military service prior to his debut, which is rare for idols in Korea. Jiwoon, the youngest in the band, is well known for his cute attraction despite his huge figure. He has a friendly character that is beloved by the band members and fans. Jiwoon showed constant appearances by acting out in G.NA’s hit song “Black&White” music video. Also recently he has performed his first rock stage which impressed every fans by showing his all-rounded talents!

CNBLUE is a fresh power in the K-POP industry. They begin their career as an Indie band and have gained immediate success in the every music chart with their official debut song “I’m Lonely” in 2010, which reached the top of many music charts! The band garnered much attention with Yonghwa’s charming appearance in TV program “He’s Beautiful”, acting as the “guy with the handkerchief”. Each member has a distinctive character and is represented in the team name “BLUE” – Jonghyun, who has a very hot and welcoming character, is the “B” for “Burning”; Minhyuk, an easy-going and caring man, is the “L” for “Lovely”; Jungshin, who is cool and stylish, is the “U” for “Untouchable” and Yonghwa, a very good looking and lovely person, is the “E” for “Emotional”. They released 4 teaser trailers in the names of “Burning”, “Lovely”, “Untouchable” and “Emotional” via Mnet together with their album “Bluetory” and recorded a whopping 10 million views in just 5 minutes! On top of their strong musical talents and senses, all members are now in their next step of their career in becoming a big time entertainer! Yonghwa, with his attractive appearance, has participated in popular TV dramas and variety shows including “We Got Married”, “He’s Beautiful”, “Heartstrings” and have shown his variety impressive variety skills. Jonghyun, a very active and outgoing member, has participated in the movie “Accoustic” together with Minhyuk, who also starred in the drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” and “Heartstrings”. Jungshin, the tall and amiable member has appeared in the Girl group “4Minute’s” Heart to Heart music video.

FTISLAND, which means the Five Treasure Islands, is a five member band consisting of Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minhwan. They are definitely the hottest treasure in the KPOP industry! Their debut album “Cheerful Sensibility” in 2007 became an instant hit and was one of the best selling albums of the year! Their debut song “Lovesick” swept through all music charts and even topped the charts for 8 consecutive weeks! With their great achievements and successfulness, FTISLAND received the Golden Disk award in the year of their debut. The group made their appearance in Mnet’s “Wanna Be My Girlfriend?”, which became one of the most popular shows instantly accredited to their charming looks! Besides achieving great success in Korea, the band also captivated the hearts of fans in many other Asia regions including Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. Their first album “Five Treasure Island” ranked No. 1 in Japan Oricon chart, selling a record breaking 20,410 albums on the first day! Also, 14,000 tickets of their Japanese concert sold out in only 12 minutes! The group is ready to show their powerful performances to the Hong Kong Fans. Are you ready too?

ZE:A, the abbreviation of the “Children of Empire” in Korean, is an emerging 9 members band. The young and energetic members aged between 19 and 24 who have distinctive characters, turning them into one of the best upcoming bands! The distinctive character for each member earned them the below nickname: “The Leader” Jun Young, “Funny Guy” Kwang Hee, “Australian Charismatic” Kevin, “Dance Machine” Min Woo, “The Fashionist” Si Wan, “The Prince” Hyung Sik, “Tough Rapper” Tae Heon, “Scary Maknae” Dong Jun and “Arrogant Rapper” Hee Cheol. Their charismatic, cute, and energetic performances and made them an emerging force in K-POP! ZE:A’s last performance in Hong Kong was overwhelming and received much positive responses from local media and fans. ZE:A made their recent comeback with a totally different style. The previously cute and adorable group have turned into a powerful and energetic figure with song “Watch Out!”. They also keep their unique cuteness and loveliness with song “Heart for 2”. Gear up for their coming performance too and cheer to welcome the 9 playful boys!

It is such a rare opportunity to watch the live performance of all the 4 bands in a single concert. All fans are looking forward to watching the performance of the hot, energetic, and powerful boy bands in the first and largest ever Hong Kong K-POP concert on August 23 and 24! Have you got the tickets to witness this unparalleled live experience? Go and get one now!